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When I played soccer back in the day, we ran a lot and I hated every second of it.  I wasn't particularly fast and it was a chore.  We did it because the coach forced us to.  Fast forward 10+ years and I had packed on a few pounds too many and was ready to make a change.  My husband and I were going to Hawaii to celebrate my 30th birthday and I refused to be the fat kid on the beach!

In my quest to shed the pounds, a college friend said running intervals worked really well for her.  I started slow and steady, running intervals three or four times per week.  Before long, I was logging the miles, dropping the pounds and felt great.  I lost 20 lbs in five months!  Then a friend invited me to join her for a 5K race.  A race?  Me?  The girl who hated running with all of her inner being?  Let's just say, I got hooked!  Then I thought "how cool would it be to run 40 races before I turn 40?"  And so 40-before-40 was born.

I may never be the first to cross the finish line but that really isn't the point.  Races are motivating and they help me focus on staying active.  There is power when running in a group.  The idea is to run 40 races between my 30th and 40th birthdays using a "one race per quarter" strategy.  I'm a little behind but I'm still planning to finish this challenge!

Races to Date

1. August 2009- Guts and Glory 5K (1/40)

2. October 2011- Breast Cancer 5K (2/40)
3. October 2011- Atlantic City 10K (3/40)
4. December 2011- Jingle Bell 5K (4/40)

5. May 2012- 5K Mud Run (5/40)
6. November 2012- 5K Turkey Trot (6/40)
7. December 2012- Jingle Bell 5K (7/40)

8. January 2013- Resolution Run 5K (8/40)
9.  April 2013- April Fools 7K (9/40)
10.  October 2013- Breast Cancer 5K (10/40)
11.  November 2013- Turkey Trot 5K (11/40)

12.  May 2014- Hillsborough Hop 5K (12/40)
13.  June 2014- 5K for ARC (13/40)
14. October 2014- Breast Cancer 5K (14/40)
15. November 2014- Turkey Trot 5K (15/40)

No races due to Baby #1

No races due to PE and PPH recovery

Getting my groove back!  Upcoming Races in 2017 

16. April 2017- HIPHOP 5K for the Homeless
17. April 2017- Christian Academy 5K
18. May 2017- Newport 10K
19. June 2017- 5K for ARC
20. July 2017- Liberty 5K
21. August 2017- 10M Island Beach Run
22. September 2017- Newport Liberty Half
23. October 2017- Breast Cancer 5K
24. October 2017- AC Marathon benefiting 
25. November 2017- Turkey Trot 5K
26. December 2017- Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis 5K

Already looking toward 2018
27. January 2018- New Year's Resolution Run 5K

Interested in joining 40-Before-40 or maybe starting a challenge of your own?  There are many others who have started their own fitness challenges!  Maybe 30-Before-30 is right for you or even a 10-Before-40 or 5-Before-50!  Whatever the challenge, the idea is to get out there and be active!    

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