A journey of hope and healing after a decade of infertility and two maternal near-misses.


One of the hardest things about being a maternal near-miss survivor is that few people around you truly understand what it is like.  Yes, you may have the best support system in the world, but facing your own mortality as a young mother has a very unique set of challenges associated with it that few can relate to.  For most women, the aftermath of a near-miss is a very lonely and grief filled experience... but you are not alone!

If you are one of the 50,000+ women that survive a near-miss during pregnancy or postpartum each year, you are a part of a growing community of maternal warriors.  It's a club we never knew about or wanted to join but one we are so thankful for now because it means we have support from women who get it!  There are a number of support groups and organizations that are at the ready to help you not only survive the biggest crisis of your life but also learn to thrive again in this new normal.

Reach out to learn more. 

Let us come alongside of you.

There is hope for recovery.

Maternal Near-Miss Survivors

Postpartum Hemorrhage Survivors

I will be adding more resources to this page in the coming weeks.  If there is a particular area of need, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at Casey@heroesformoms.com. 

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