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Kids Craft: A Clean Heart

Youth Group Photo Craft- The Creative Confectionista
My husband and I volunteer with our church's youth group during the year.  Surprisingly, (or not, your call) I am one of the "Craft Girls" so I have a lot of opportunities to come up with fun kid's crafts.  Sometimes this is challenging since we don't have kids of our own and I don't have a steady stream of school crafts marching through my door all year.  I was rummaging through my craft stash tonight when I came across these cute frames I had left over from Camp last summer.  So for Valentine's Day, this is what I came up with in about 20 minutes.  Simple and not too girlie... we have to keep the boys interested!  Instead of focusing on the mushy side of the holiday, I played on Psalms 51:10.  I have a whole host of other decorations the kids can use... wood letters, wood shapes, glitter (I mean, who doesn't LOVE glitter, right?), little jewels and ribbon.  I will definitely post pictures of the kid's creations!  It's sure to be colorful!  :)

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