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DIY Gifts: My New Quilting Hobby

My First Quilt- The Creative Confectionista
When I was little, my maternal Grandmother made me and my siblings quilts from scraps of fabric she had on hand from previous sewing projects.  My sister and I had pink and purple quilts and my brother got a blue one.  Now I'm in my thirties and STILL use this quilt!  It's my movie blanket, sick blanket, nap blanket, camp blanket... well, my everything blanket.  haha!

When my sister announced she was pregnant with her first child last year, one of my first thoughts was that this little baby needed his own quilt too!  And what a wonderful thing for his Auntie to make for him.  The problem was that I had not sewn anything since I was in 8th grade.  Yikes!  I was feeling like I bit off more than I could chew. 

A friend recommended a beginners class at Pennington Quilt Works.  What a wonderful class!  I made this quilt in less than 8 hours!!  Crazy, right?  I went with a cars and trucks theme.  So, so cute!  AND I found a new hobby!  My Grandmother is tickled that one of her grandkids is taking up sewing.  She was so excited that she gave me her sewing machine and supplies.  WOoHOo!

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