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DIY Wedding: Paper Cake Shower Decorations

I don't know where I get my ideas some times.  I was painting the flower pots for the centerpieces and it just dawned on me to make paper cakes, glue them to glittered kabob sticks and insert them in the plants.  It was a small detail that added to the whole wedding cake shower theme.

Bridal Shower Paper Cakes- The Creative Confectionista

To make the cakes, I cut two sized rectangles, clipped the corners with my scrapbooking corner cutter, layered them and then taped them together.  Since you can see both sides of the paper cakes, I taped two together (ugly side together) so they would look good on both sides.

To decorate them, I used Martha Stewart glitter glue.  It's a 24 color set that dries super fast!  Zig zags, loops, scallops and even the Bride and Groom's initials!  I used a scrapbook heart punch for the cake toppers.

I decorated a lot with these!  Hung them from the roof of the wishing well!  Taped them to the outside of prize bags!  Placed them on glittered sticks in the centerpieces!  And even put a few on the utensil cake.  These were pretty versatile.

Bridal Shower Welcome Table- - The Creative Confectionista
Our "welcome" table.  See the little cakes?
Bridal Shower Centerpieces- - The Creative Confectionista

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