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DIY Wedding: Utensil Cake

Bridal Shower Utensil Gift "Cake"- The Creative Confectionista
Onto my next Bridal Shower project... I wanted a fun way to give the kitchen utensils that my brother and his fiancee registered for.  It's not so exciting to open up a box with them so I searched online and found some interesting ideas on, where else?  PINTEREST!!

Here is my take on the Bridal Shower Utensil Cake.  Pretty cute, huh?  This was the first time I attempted something like this.  I consider myself fairly crafty but this had some challenges that I will hopefully help you avoid.  Stay tuned.  

Step One
Supplies- I purchased nine utensils for the cake ranging from tongs, whisk, rubber scrapers, spatulas and spoons.  I also purchased three sets of white mirco-fiber kitchen towels, various ribbons (thin and thick), two rolls of paper towels and packing tape.  Also needed is an empty roll from gift wrapping paper. 

*Note- also consider getting bubble wrap or additional towels.  I had enough filling for the top two tiers but not the bottom.  Bubble wrap would have worked perfectly. 

Bridal Shower Utensil Gift "Cake" Materials- The Creative Confectionista

Step Two
Stack the paper towels and secure by sliding the wrapping paper roll through the center of each paper towel roll.  Cut off the excess wrapping paper roll at the top.

How to make a Bridal Shower Utensil Gift "Cake"- The Creative Confectionista
Step Two A

How to make a Bridal Shower Utensil Gift "Cake"- The Creative Confectionista
Step Two B

Step Three
Tape the edge of the paper towel so it does not unravel.  Carefully drape one of the microfiber towels around the top paper towel roll, stuffing the end of the towel inside the paper towel hole.  Smooth the sides of the towel to give the appearance of "fondant".  Push the end of the whisk into the top of the paper towel roll.  The whisk should be very snug. 

How to make a Bridal Shower Utensil Gift "Cake"- The Creative Confectionista
Step Three

Step Four- Tape the bottom of the microfiber towel to the paper towel rolls.  Carefully layer quilt batting for the second cake layer and secure with packing tape.  Again, drape a second microfiber towel around the second tier to give the appearance of cake fondant.  Stuff the top of the towel between the top and middle cake layers.  Smooth.  Repeat for the bottom layer and use ample packing tape along the bottom of the cake to keep the towels firmly in place.  At this point the "cake" should be pretty sturdy and not come undone if moved.

How to make a Bridal Shower Utensil Gift "Cake"- The Creative Confectionista
Step Four

Step Five- Gently insert the utensils between the cake layers.  They should slide in with ease but stay in place.  Use more packing tape if necessary.  Decorate the cake layers by wrapping thick pieces of ribbons around each base.  Fold the ribbon ends under and secure with packing tape or hot glue. 

Bridal Shower Utensil Gift "Cake"- The Creative Confectionista
Step Five and Six

Step Six- Add embellishments as desired.  I used card stock hearts made from scrapbook punches and slid them between the cake and ribbons.  No additional adhesive was needed.  From start to finish, this took about two hours and yielded a very happy Bride! 

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