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Valentine's Day Fun: Be My Valentine

I really like holidays.  I love decorating for them and planning fun activities.  Valentine's Day is no different.  In fact, it makes winter a little more bearable in my book because it's something fun to look forward to.  

With Valentine's Day around the corner, I wanted to share a fun idea that I have been ruminating over for the last few weeks.  Typically, Valentine's day is seen as a "woman's holiday" because the responsibility of planning  typically falls on the men.  Flowers, chocolates, maybe dinner out... chances are HE is the one making all these arrangements. Not all relationships work this way but the majority probably do.  Why not turn that notion on it's head this year?  Why don't YOU plan a fun date for you and your hubby this year?

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A Creative-Kind-Of-Valentine
Now because my husband subscribes to my blog, this won't entirely be a surprise but that is ok.  It will have him looking forward to it for a few days.  :)  I recently read a really cool post on The Generous Wife Blog about how invitations to things make you feel special and how wives should incorporate that more into their marriages to bless their husbands.  I'm all for this... which is why the whole "you invite him to a Valentine's date you planned" idea came about.  And as a side note, if you don't subscribe to The Generous Wife, you should.

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I found this picture on pinterest and thought it would be a fun activity for Valentine's day after a little tweaking.  The idea is to pop a balloon and a note with an activity will be inside.  Whatever activity comes out is what you'll do next.  The original example was for New Year's Eve... one activity might be "make cookies", another might be "play a board game"/etc. leading up to midnight.

For Valentine's Day, I will make tags for each balloon using three catagories instead of using the times... the tags will say Sweet, Silly or Sexy.  Each activity will fit into one of those three catagories so my husband will have some idea of what he is in for.  haha!  The idea will be for him to pop balloons throughout the day (more on that in a minute) and whatever activity comes out is what we will do next.

The activities are your call... you could have "watch a movie" as one which could mean a rental or a movie in a theater.  Another balloon note could say "Go get a cupcake" or "something for Hubby's eyes and ears only".  You get the idea.  And for those that are wondering, we purposely celebrate Valentine's Day after the 14th.  Flowers, chocolates and little gifts are all deeply discounted.  Why pay full price?  We've never cared much that it's a day or two later.

So since our Valentine's Day is on a Saturday, here is my general plan:

Sleep in.
Pop a Balloon.
Breakfast at the Bagel Shop.
Pop a Balloon.
Outting #1 to be determined by the balloon.
Pop a Balloon.
Outting #2 to be determined by the balloon.
Pop a balloon.
Dinner at PF Changs (we've been craving it lately!)
Pop the rest of the balloons.

This should be fun... if anything it will be a fun reminder that he married a crazy, but creative, chick!  :)


  1. Soo what did you do all day? Maintenance meeting from 10 AM til...guess Marty and I weren't in the balloons! You do make me laugh!

  2. I would totally do this if I had a dude! Great idea!


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