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DIY Decor: A Nook For All Things Crafty

My project over the last few months has been setting up a crafting space in my humble abode.  My furniture has been delivered, assembled (thanks to my loving husband!) and arranged but alas, it is still a work in progress.

Here is a photo of the Martha Stewart craft table and two file cabinets that Adam got me last year for my birthday.  I went with the 31.5 inch height tables which accommodate a standard chair.  The matching stool was actually one of my Christmas presents.  (pictured below.)  It's funny how odd items become such appreciated gifts.  Who asks for a metal stool for Christmas?

I had a great little space in the above green room for a few months but decided to reorganize for efficiency.  All of my craft stuff is now moved into the other guest room (old computer furniture be gone!) and the lovely green room above has gone back to being a guest room.

The photo below is of the yellow room that was our computer room for a few years until desktops went out of style like my neon blue geometric pants from the 80's.  I hope skinny pants will bite the dust too.  (Sorry to the people that love them but women with any kind of shape in their hips can get behind my hope for their demise.)  As lovely and inviting as the room below is, it just wasn't being used unless we had overnight guests.  We never sat in there, let alone used the computer in there.  It was time for a change.

With the oak furniture gone, I had a fairly blank canvas to work with in setting up my craft room.  The colors of my new craft room were some what established with the creamy yellow walls, chocolate curtains and red papasan cushion.  I can change the colors easily but I wanted to use what I had to keep my costs low.  I already had my Martha Stewart craft desk and file cabinets but needed some storage.  I was inspired by a friend's recommendation of the Ikea Expedit shelves and the two photos below.  I love that the yellow one has fabric/paper behind the cubbies.  I will attempt that once I get everything settled.  

 Here is my room so far...

Yes, my yellow lab loves to be in the middle of all the action.  If only I could teach him how to vacuum or empty the dish washer.

It's a work in progress but I see a lot of potential.  I have to print pictures for the frames and purchase a few more bins from Target (pictured on the bottom corner cubbies) for things like knitting supplies and other miscellaneous items.  I also want more on the walls over the craft desk.  I'm thinking about some wall shelves or maybe DIY momento boards.  At some point, I will be messing around with the decor and add fabric or paper behind some of the shelves like the beautiful picture above with the yellow backgrounds.  For now it's at least functional.  Stay tuned for progress updates.

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