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Kids Craft: Catching the Wind

Kids Craft: Wind Catchers- www.thecreativeconfectionista.com
Kids Craft: Wind Catchers
Back in June, I had the privilege of volunteering as the Art/Craft Teacher at my church's Vacation Bible School.  We had up to 45 kids each day, for four days, ranging in age from 4 to about 11 years old.  Needless to say, it was a challenge to find an activity that they could all do together.  The wheels in my head had been turning for a few months leading up to our week with the kids and I came up with a cute idea that was a big hit with all age groups.

These were easy to make and the kids did a fantastic job!  I was initially concerned that they would fly through this craft but they really took the time to decorate them nicely.  From start to finish, this craft lasted about 30 minutes depending on age and ability

Supplies for one wind catcher:

1- piece of poster board (I bought 11x14 inch boards in a pack of 5)
crepe paper streamers, any color
double sided tape
curling ribbon, any color
hole puncher

items to decorate the poster board with: 
foam letters
stickers (flowers, sports stuff)

Begin by letting the kids decorate one side of their poster board.  (this will be the outside of the cylinder)  Most took about 15 minutes to do that.  Once the decoration is complete, allow them to select seven strips of crepe paper streamers.  It doesn't matter how long the streamers are... we cut them in 3 foot strips to help expedite the process since we had over 40 kids at a time.  You could make them longer or shorter.

Tape the streamers along the bottom of the blank side of the poster board.  Next, place the double sided tape along the short side edge.  Roll the poster board into a cylinder by lining up the short sides to overlap the double sided tape.  Pinch the tape and poster board together along the seam.

Punch two holes along the top rim of the poster board cylinder on opposite sides.  String with colored curling ribbon and hang.

Since the wind catcher is made out of paper, it is not intended for outdoor use.  These are very cute hanging in the child's room or playroom area.

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  1. It certainly is very cute hanging in Austin's room & he likes it too as he is always pointing to it saying "Auntie".


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