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Easy Almond Iced Coffee

I'm on a coffee kick.  Now that I've found a way to enjoy flavored coffees without the nasty store-bought coffee creamers, I am hooked!  The flavor I've missed the most is almond, so here is another delicious simple syrup recipe for your iced coffees and homemade frappuccinos!

Almond Simple Syrup
1c. sugar (use raw sugar for a mild molasses flavor)
1c. water
1 T. almond extract

Add the sugar and water to a medium sauce pan and bring to a slow boil, or until sugar is dissolved.  Add almond extract.  Remove from heat and allow to cool completely.  Pour into a small jar or bottle and refrigerate.  Stores for 1-2 weeks.

*Side note- those Good Seasons salad dressing carafes are perfect storage containers for this!  They are reusable and have a pour spout.  

Prepare your iced coffee as usual.  For me this means filling a tumbler cup with ice and allowing the k-cup or filter k-cup to brew over it.  Add the almond simple syrup to taste and follow with your choice of cream, half & half or milk.

Variation:  add to a blender and top with whipped cream for a homemade minty frappuccino! 

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