A journey of hope and healing after a decade of infertility and two maternal near-misses.

Just Breathe

Breath.  I never really dwelled on it until I found myself without it.  Isn't that true of all of us though?  We take so much for granted every day.  We wake up.  We get up.  We wash our face, brush our teeth and move on with our day.  Yet, do we ever stop to think of the small miracles behind each of those seemingly routine habits?  We just do them without much thought.  They get swept into the overall goal of "must get to work" or "must get the kids to school"  So many others are fighting to do all of the things we expect to do automatically and with ease.  Someone won't wake up tomorrow morning.  Someone doesn't have the strength to get out of bed.  Someone doesn't have the ability to care for himself.  Someone will struggle for her very breath while countless others fight to stay alive in other ways.  Are we thankful for the small miracles every day?  I have been challenged to change my perspective.  There are no problems, only opportunities.  And in those opportunities are a vastness of ways to be thankful.  Thankful for life.  Family.  Friends.  God.  For the very breath he gives each day.

Psalm 150:6  Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.  Praise the Lord.  

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