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DIY Gifts: 'Grow Old with Me' Anniversary Album

Part of my wedding gift to my brother and his new wife was an anniversary album.  The idea is for them to take a picture of themselves every year on their anniversary and then mount the photo on the pre-decorated pages.  Each anniversary has it's own page.  Memories can be written if they choose.  One book will comprise their lives from their wedding day until their Diamond anniversary.  Ha!  Yes, I will probably be dead by then and never see it completed but I just love the idea of them documenting September 15th for the rest of their lives.  To remember where they started and where they hope and dream of going in the years to come... I wish I thought of this for our anniversary!  But no worries.  We have our own anniversary "thing" here.  (Great alternative for those that have been married a while.)  :)

1- 8x8 scrapbook in black (and imprinted)
3-8x8 side loading pages
1- large 8x8 paper pad with embellishments
1- swirly letters in black
60- photo mats (purchased or prepared)
paper punches, scrapbook adhesive, pens and markers

I cropped the 4x6 mats and added one to each page, alternating their orientations to create some visual interest.  Next I cut out the circles for the anniversary number.  I have a punch that can cut two circle sizes so I alternated colors for the border and interior.  Milestone years (5, 10, 15, 20/etc) were dark pink in the center and had a light pink border.  Every other year was light pink in the center and had a dark pink border.  I made one for each of sixty years.  Page one will house a wedding photo and each subsequent year will hold an anniversary photo from that year. 

On milestone years, I added the wedding gifts in glitter with the corresponding color where possible.
(ie- 25th was silver glitter, 50th was gold/etc)

5th- Our Wooden Anniversary
10th- Our Tin Anniversary
15th- Our Crystal Anniversary
20th- Our China Anniversary
25th- Our Silver Anniversary
30th- Our Pearl Anniversary
35th- Our Jade Anniversary
40th- Our Ruby Anniversary
45th- Our Sapphire Anniversary
50th- Our Golden Anniversary
55th- Our Emerald Anniversary
60th- Our Diamond Anniversary

I hope they love it!!  :)

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  1. As the lucky recipient of this incredible album, I feel compelled to express my joy at flipping through the beautifully decorated, but blank anniversary pages and thinking about the pictures that will one day fill each one! This was the most creative wedding gift, but also the most romantic. I cannot think of anything better than documenting our lifelong love affair :) It makes my eyes fill up at the thought of our kids looking through this anniversary album when we are gone. This was truly an amazing gift!


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