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DIY Wedding: The Modern Guest Book

Scrapbook Your Wedding Guestbook!  www.thecreativeconfectionista.com
Tim and Joanna's "Guestbook".
I'm sure most of your have one in your closet somewhere. The traditional, white leather bound book that hasn't seen the light of day since your wedding. Ours is in our guest room closet... somewhere in the abyss of suitcases, filing and misfit items.

As my brother's wedding was approaching, I found myself thinking of ideas that I wish I could go back in time and implement in my own wedding.  Since that cannot happen, I had to live a little vicariously through theirs.  On my way to work one day, it dawned on me.  My future SIL is making a scrapbook of her engagement to display at the wedding; she'll most likely scrapbook the wedding photos at some point too.  Why not scrapbook the guest book yearbook style?  I ran my idea by her and she loved it! So here is another fun wedding project that modernizes an old school tradition.

4- 12x12 scrapbook pages
4- photo mats for a 4x6 photo (you can cut these from a larger piece)
3 scrapbook pens (we chose dark blue, berry and gray to compliment the wedding colors)
1- silver scrapbook marker
1- poster board (we used black)
1- easel
white tulle
1- roll of ivy
4- photos to use for display purposes (optional)
4- wedding photos to mount after the big day

Scrapbook Guestbook www.thecreativeconfectionista.com
My sister signing the pages on the BIG Day!
The cost and time spent is almost nothing. We purchased a few scrapbook papers and mounted them to black  poster board. We cropped a mat for the 4x6 photos and attached it on each page. You could center it, like we did, or mess around to get the look you want. Each page can be different. Add a few fun details (like our wedding cake stamp) and that was it! Done! Well, almost.

Fortunately, we were able to borrow an easel. We decorated the perimeter of the poster board with tulle and ivy to make a cute display for the reception. Instructions were written on the poster board so guests would know what to do.  We decided to temporarily mount engagement photos on the mats. These will eventually be replaced with wedding photos once they are printed.

Now that the wedding is over, the four pages can be removed from the poster board and taped into a wedding scrapbook. Years from now T and J will flip through the pages of their scrapbook and read the well wishes of their nearest and dearest. I'm sure their future kids will enjoy see what we all wrote too.  :)

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