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Our Story Part 6: An Early Valentine

With my husband on a business trip, I had a few hours to figure out how I would break the biggest news of our lives to him.  I was also at work for most of the day so my options were limited because of time.  I ran out to the card store during my lunch break to find a "you're going to be a Dad" card but was disappointed with the selection.  That was when I got the idea of the baby being our early Valentine.

I bought a Valentine card and wrote all kinds of sappy things inside.  I gushed that I knew he would make a wonderful Dad because I had seen how loving and kind he was with our nephews and niece.  He wrestled on the floor with them.  He was firm when it was time for them to eat their dinner.  He always obliged their numerous requests to fall off the couch into the pretend mud-pit that made them burst into fits of joyous laughter every time we were at their house.  I had no doubts.  My husband would be the best Dad!  And not only that, he would be the best Dad to the sweet, little miracle growing inside me.  I felt so incredibly blessed.

I decided to add a Valentine's day balloon and a gift bag filled with his favorite candies to my pregnancy announcement.  While I was at the party store buying the balloon, I noticed a children's clothing store next door.  I thought maybe I would find a cute pair of shoes to stick in the bag as well.  I did better than that!  I found an adorable onesie that fit perfectly with my early Valentine's Day theme.  I heart Mom and Dad.  Yes!  It would be the first item I bought for our little one.

My husband was already home from his business trip when I arrived at our house that evening.  I smiled to myself as I entered the kitchen knowing this announcement would change our lives in a very real and big way!  He saw the balloon and then a look of bewilderment crossed his face.

Him: What day is it?

Me: Tuesday.

Him:  No, what's today's date?

Me: February 3rd.

Realizing he had a moment of panic thinking he forgot about Valentine's Day, I assured him he hadn't but this gift was an early Valentine.  Relief settled in and then excitement about this fun, unexpected gift.  I sat on the couch next to him and handed him the bag.  He went for the card first but then decided he would tear through the bag first.  He didn't get far before he saw the onesie and looked at me in complete shock.

Him: Are you serious??!?

Me:  Yup!  We're having a baby!  (tears streaming down my face again.  This was becoming a regular thing.)

He looked like a deer in headlights!  Shocked, but happy!  We hugged, kissed and then went to his favorite restaurant to celebrate over a plate of chicken parmesan.  This was a new beginning, the beginning of the family we talked about for well over a decade.  The family we said we would have someday.  Someday was finally starting today.

Stay tuned for Part 7:  I Will Tell of His Goodness
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  1. A wonderful part 6! I cried & now I have to fix my mascara!! Happy, happy tears! Goodness, let's be honest, I sobbed!

    1. Thanks! I'm just getting started! This is only the beginning. :)

  2. Ok. You have me crying with each new post. I loved the early Valentine’s. I am so, so happy for you guys.

    1. Haha! Thanks! Everyone has been saying they need tissues. At least you know there is a happy ending. :)


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